The Marian Academy is a Catholic Christian school located on the grounds of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church in La Grande, Oregon. The school offers Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade instruction. 

We are committed to fostering Christian values in all students and believe in educating the “whole child” through God’s love and the social values we treasure. In partnership with parents, the child’s first educators, The Marian Academy is considered an extension of the home. Students are shown honesty, charity, moral convictions, and respect toward one another within a Christian atmosphere. 

Children are the key to our future and we have a responsibility to provide an enriched learning environment for all students who attend The Marian Academy. 

Our students benefit from Christian-based instruction, small class sizes, and individual attention by our state certified teachers and assistants. 

We are "Challenging the Times." 

2014-2015 ENROLLMENT


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